Kadaster-Netherlands visited Land registration process in Bangladesh


Kadaster- International has extensive knowledge and skills regarding land registration, land consolidation and geographic information. Ms. Christelle Marie Cathérine van den Berg and Ms. Suzanne Marie Heleen Valkman of Kadaster team have been visiting Bangladesh during 27 Oct to 02 Nov 2016. They visited the field activities in Jamalpur particularly Uttaran led public awareness and community participation events. They met with women land owners and listened their stories on the issue of land registration. During the time, they visited ongoing digitally land registration activities at field level, land administration office, land sub-registry office, upazila land settlement office and Uttaran office. During the visit they talked with government officials, private deed writers, land owners and NGOs activists in order to understand the whole land administration and management procedures in Bangladesh as well as how people are receiving services.


They stayed two days at Jamalpur and enjoyed local food, culture and weather. They conducted number of meetings with Ministry of Land, Department of Land Records and Surveys, Land Administration Training Centre and Ministry of Laws and Justice. Uttaran and Kadaster will have joint programme in Bangladesh particularly in the area of organisational capacity development.

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