One Stop Land Registration Process in Bangladesh


Previously land registration process requires going through eight steps in order to complete the registration. All of steps take 5-20 years duration, beginning from map preparation to final publication. Land owners are harassed and moved from one office to another office, the type and nature of land would have changed within this time.

The Department of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS) has been piloting new process where three steps will be completed by one step i.e.  Khanapuri - Bujarat- Tasdik  in one mouza under Mesta union.  A inaugural  session was conducted by local land settlement office where Director General of DLRS, Director of Land Records of DLRS, National Project Director of Project, Zonal Settlement Officer, Assistant Settlement Officer, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) and other officials were participated and answered the questions of land owners. This one stop services initiated in order to reduce the harassment of the general people and also the time period.

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