Health and nutrition

Our health and nutrition programme is implementing effective health and sanitation interventions across southwest Bangladesh.

We have strengthened our partnership with the local government and developed networks of local CBOs, NGOs and civil society.

Our interventions use a mixture of grassroots mobilization, education and media campaigns and network building.

Health education and capacity building

We select an individual from our primary organization and provide training on primary health care. These individuals then act as health cadres in their local area.

Health cadres share their acquired skills and lead discussions on health issues other primary group members at their weekly meetings.


Increasing access to safe drinking water and sanitation

We provide hardware support to improve sanitation facilities and raise awareness about the importance of good hygiene.

Our work on access to safe drinking water is done in collaboration with our local Paani (Water) Committee, a local civil society committee, and the Union Parishds (UPs), the lowest level of democratic governance in Bangladesh.

Together we have set up pond sand filters, developed community and household based rain water harvesting systems, and re-excavated reserve ponds in the area.


Improving nutrition

We have established a central nursery in a number of Unions across our working area.

These nurseries are used to grow different varieties of seeds, saplings of vegetables and sapling of fruits and trees. The produce is then shared with village nurseries and local households.

This improves levels of nutrition in the region and can help to generate income in participating households.

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