Natural resource management

The southwest of Bangladesh is ecologically unique and on the frontline of climate change.

Our initiatives in this area use indigenous knowledge and practices to address the environmental challenge and adapt to the threat of climate change.

IPCC reports state the region is vulnerable to climate change induced sea level rise because of the low elevation of land and high population density.

The brackish water ecosystem and estuarine river networks shapes the livelihoods. There is an acute crisis of safe drinking water because of the high level of salinity and lack of groundwater aquifer.

Decades of mismanagement of the river system has created an environmental crisis resulting in regular water-logging of vast areas of the region.


To improve and strengthen community-based coastal resource management Uttaran is raising awareness, for example it initiated ‘Campaign for Sustainable Management of Coastal Wetlands, Genetic Resource Conservation, Advocacy on Climate Change & Water Crisis. Under this programme, we are actively working with a number of civil society organizations.

Sustainable Water Resource Management

We are working with local communities to find a sustainable solution to the acute drinking water scarcity and water-logging crisis. We facilitate community initiatives to manage water in a more sustainable. Through our Paani (Water) Committee we help to make sure there the community can participate in the decision making process.

Climate Change Adaptation

We have been are working closely with local communities to identify new and resilient crops, efficient methods and sustainable technologies. We will help the most vulnerable adapt, preserving livelihoods and helping communities to better prepare and respond to disasters.

The key to climate change adaptation in the region is sustainable water resource management. Through our work on community based river basin management we have been successfully tackling the threat of the sea level rise.

Our most important initiative is supporting the indigenous water and river sediment management practice of the region. This is known as Tidal River Management (TRM).

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