Disaster risk reduction

Our working area is one of the most disaster-prone region in Bangladesh.

Cyclones, floods, tidal surges, repeated water logging and land erosion are common in this part of the country and climate change is aggravating the situation

We have been working on disaster response, preparedness and risk reduction in the southwest region of Bangladesh for the past 23 years.  At present we are implementing several major interventions.

Disaster awareness

We use training to increase awareness of the techniques and strategies that can reduce the impact of disasters. Our community organizations’ leaders and members, members of partner NGOs and CBOs, Union Parishad members and others all receive the training.

The training courses we offer cover disaster preparedness, mitigation and management

Capacity building

We work closely with the District and Upazila Administration, local elected bodies, civil society, CBOs and the media to building their capacity. Our goal is to work with these institutions to develop effective coping mechanisms for emergency situations.

Emergency response and recovery

With generous support from our donors we are working on emergency rehabilitation activities for the victims of water logging, flooding and cyclones SIDR and AILA.

Our post disaster support includes provision of emergency shelters, food packages, sanitary latrines, tube-well and livelihood support.

For more information about this programme and how you can help please contact us.

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