Rights, justice and good governance

Most of the formal democratic institutions in Bangladesh function in an undemocratic manner. Often there is limited transparency, accountability, responsiveness or opportunity for community participation.

Our strategies to improve governance cut across all of our current initiatives.

Central to this approach is our belief that to promote good governance and democratization it is necessary to reform local elected bodies.

Good governance and institutional democratization

The Union Parishad is the lowest tier of elected government in Bangladesh. We encourage NGOs, the media and civil society to contribute to changing the current role of the Union Parishads.

We want to help Union Parishads become more democratic, responsive and transparent institutions.

We work with law enforcement agencies to make them more aware of constitutionally guaranteed and fundamental human rights.

Our community led Paani (water) Committees and Bhumi (land) Committees use a right based approach to empower the local population, giving them a voice in the policy making process.

Legal aid and literacy initiatives

Our legal aid and literacy initiatives to protect and enhance the right of all people to human dignity; remove social, cultural, economic and political inequalities Uttaran is implementing the following:  Legal Aid and Cadre Development, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Capacity Building of the Civil Society, Public Litigation Support and Media Campaign, community orientation, training, seminar with all primary organization members, selected civil society members including the selected LEBs and community leaders.  Uttaran supports poor people to create access in the judicial system which in most cases beyond their reach.

  img  Final Evaluation of Asserting Popular Access and Rights to Resources in Southwest Bangladesh (Apar) Project

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