Current Projects of Uttaran

Project Name: Active Citizens Youth Leadership Training (ACYLT)

Project Name: Advancing Sustainable Indigenous Agriculture in Southwest Bangladesh (ASIA)

Project Name: APARAJEO- Access to Public resources by Asserting Rights and Justice for Economic Opportunities

Project Name: Climate Resilient Participatory Afforstation and Reforestation Project

Project Name: Coastal Biodiversity Conservation through Creating AIG Facilities

Project Name: Cereal  Systems  Initiative for  South Asia (CSISA)-Bangladesh project

Project Name: Community Legal Services in the Southwest Bangladesh (CLASSBD)

Project Name: Empowering Youth to Reduce Socio-Economic Vulnerabilities of the  South-western Region of Bangladesh

Project Name: Enhancing Resilience to Disasters and the Effect of Climate change Programme in Satkhira under the Country Programme 200243

Project Name: Enhancing Quality of Primary Education through School Feeding Programme

Project Name: Project Laser Beam

Project Name: Programme for Augmenting Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Capacity of the Communities in the South-western Bangladesh

Project Name: Raising Peoples Voice for Climate Justice

Project Name: SALE- Sustainable Access to Land Equality

Project Name: Sanitation Technical for Enterprises-SANTE

Project Name: SCI-SOF – 75200099, Sub Award ID – 03176

Project Name: Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections and Political process for Enhanced Transparency and Democratic Accountability

Project Name: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Linkages (SaFaL)

Project Name: Sustainable River Basin Management

Project Name: Sustained and Expanded Effort to Make the Ultra Poor Out of Extreme Poverty by Transferring Assets, Cash and Skill in an Integrated Approach (SEMPTI Project) – 2nd Phase

Project Name: Sustainable Effort to Ensure Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation to Adapt to Climate Change in Southwest Coastal Region

Project Name: Sustainable Effort to ensure access to safe drinking water and sanitation in southwest Bangladesh

Project Name: SWITCH-Asia Promoting sustainable consumption and production of Jute Diversified Products project

Project Name: Vulnerable Group Development Programme (VGD) for 2012-2013 cycle

Project Name: WASH Project

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