The Constitution of Bangladesh guarantees free education to every citizen but a large section of the population are deprived of this right.
We believe education is a catalyst to social transformation and tackling this inequality is central to our mission.

Our education programme began in 1985 with the establishment of a secondary school. At present we provide educational support to children, young people and adults.

Innovative Primary Education Programme (IPEP)

The programme aims to create opportunities for underprivileged children to help them access the education system. Children at our IPEP schools learn by taking ownership of their own education. The teachers plan the children's activities according to their ability so that the...

Rights, justice and good governance

Most of the formal democratic institutions in Bangladesh function in an undemocratic manner. Often there is limited transparency, accountability, responsiveness or opportunity for community participation.

Our strategies to improve governance cut across all of our current initiatives.

Central to this approach is our belief that to promote good governance and democratization it is necessary to reform local elected bodies.

Good governance and institutional democratization

The Union Parishad...

Natural resource management

The southwest of Bangladesh is ecologically unique and on the frontline of climate change. Our initiatives in this area use indigenous knowledge and practices to address the environmental challenge and adapt to the threat of climate change.

IPCC reports state the region is vulnerable to climate change induced sea level rise because of the low elevation of land and high population density.

The brackish water ecosystem and estuarine river networks shapes the livelihoods. There is an acute...

Health and nutrition

Our health and nutrition programme is implementing effective health and sanitation interventions across southwest Bangladesh.

We have strengthened our partnership with the local government and developed networks of local CBOs, NGOs and civil society.

Our interventions use a mixture of grassroots mobilization, education and media campaigns and network building.

Health education and capacity building

We select an individual from our primary organization and provide training on primary...

Food security and livelihoods

We are working to boost the local and regional economy of southwest Bangladesh. Our activities focus on sustainable, innovative agricultural practices and enhancing the capacity of local farmers.

Our work on access to and control over public resources involves the transfer of khasland (public land) and other resources to the landless. We facilitate the process in partnership with the government administration.

Our agriculture support for local farmers includes training and demonstrations on...

Disaster risk reduction

Our working area is one of the most disaster-prone region in Bangladesh. Cyclones, floods, tidal surges, repeated water logging and land erosion are common in this part of the country and climate change is aggravating the situation

We have been working on disaster response, preparedness and risk reduction in the southwest region of Bangladesh for the past 23 years.  At present we are implementing several major interventions.

Disaster awareness

We use training to increase awareness of the...


We believe sustainable change can only be achieved by giving a voice to the most vulnerable in society and listening to their concerns.

Following a right based approach we work in partnership with communities across southwest Bangladesh to develop our programmes.

Over the years the focus of our work has expanded to respond to the challenges in the region.


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