Bilkis Begum is Now Self-sufficient

Confidence is one of the prime factors to success. It has been proved again by Bilkis Begum, 35 years old house wife. She is the wife of Abdullah Khan of Gopalpur village in Tala upazila under Satkhira district. She has one son. He is six years old and reading in class one. She has received a credit from Women Entrepreneurship Development project and started production of betel leaf. Through producing betel leaf she became benefited and thus she is self-sufficient now.

Bilkis Begum became vulnerable in 2011 because of harmful impact of devastating flood. They lost their shelter and paddy. After the flood, life and livelihood of her family started getting difficult and challenging. The four members' family had no way to survive. Change started when she came to Uttaran and received a credit amounting Tk.30,000 from its Women Entrepreneurship Development project. They invested this amount to produce betel-leaf. The production was good and selling it they earned profit. Repay her installment of credit Bilkis Begum again received a loan amounting Tk. 100,000. This amount also invested for betel leaf production. Additionally she bought a huge number of sharees (women's cloth). She is selling sharee by visiting her neighbors and friends. Now the betel-leaf farming is running smoothly and well. Monthly basis they earned now in an average Tk. 25,000. Bilkis Begum is now self-sufficient. Now they are not facing any financial trouble to meet their daily needs. Now she manages private tuition fees for her son. This business is helping them to meet their daily needs. Now nobody is disturbing them due to their well off economic condition. Bilkis’s dignity is increased in the society as she gained profit through her business. She feels that women are not the burden of the society and if women wants for self dependent, then they will succeed. She thinks that men and women have equal status. Now Bilkis feels happy with her business and she became empowered.


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