Julekha and Afsar Ali happy to receive Field Parcha

“God will do you good and make you very successful in life because you obtained for us the land which wejulekha purchased through our hard earned money,” said Julekha. Julekha and Afsar Ali are the residents of Belbelia Mouza, Jamalpur and members of primary organisations of Uttaran. Julekha regularly attends the courtyard meetings conducted by Uttaran and is aware of the activities of land owners during land record and survey. Digital land record and survey commenced in Belbelia Mouza on 1 July, 2015 and the land owners sequentially had their lands recorded. Julekha and Afsar Ali went with their papers to the surveyors but they did not pay any heed to them because this land was not in their control but it was under the control of influential Alam. Whenever Julekha and Afsar Ali went to the surveyor with their papers, Alam’s men used to come and beat them up and everyday they used to go home crying.

On 22nd July, 2015, Uttaran staff went to the surveyor along with Julekha and Afsar Ali and asked the surveyors to check whether all their papers were documented properly. Surveyors replied that the land was not in their control. Then the Uttaran staff asked them to check the papers of those at whose control the land was. After proper checking of the papers, it was discovered that in accordance to the B.R.S. records, Afsar Ali was in possession of 1 decimal of land which was in land grabber, Alam’s control.

Uttaran staff requested to the surveyor team to provide Khatiyan and field parcha to this helpless couple and requested all those present to provide all kind of assistance and cooperation necessary and give back the old man his 1 decimal of land through mutual discussion with Alam. Julekha said, “I became a member of Uttaran’s primary organisation and was always aware when the land survey and mapping will start. Today I am very happy that I have got my land recorded through Uttaran.” Not only Julekha and Afsar Ali, everyone present said that, “For the last 3-4 years Afsar Ali and Julekha tolerated a lot of torture imposed by Alam and his people. They had to leave their own house and live at other places. After so many days, their days of suffering ends and they finally found peace. Now they are able to live in their own land.”


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