Legal aid brought smile to many like Resma

Resma Khatun is an inhabitant of Tala upasila of Satkhira District. She has one sister and a brother. Her father; Mansur Ali Gazi is a small businessman and the only earner of the family. Resma wasalt married to Abdul Rahim, son of Abdul Gofur, inhabitant of Atghora village of Monirampur upazila of Jessore district. After 6 months of their marriage, her husband started to create pressure on Resma to bring BDT.50,000 from her father as dowry. She had no other way rather than telling it to her father. As a consequence, her father borrowed BDT. 35,000 from Grameen Bank and gave it to Rahim. Even this could not satisfied Rahim and he started to torture her physically and mentally. Subsequently Resma’s father managed the remaining BDT.15,000 and requested to Rahim not to torture upon Resma anymore. After two and half years of this incident Resma gave birth of a child. This time, Rahim asked her to bring BDT.100,000 from her father to ensure his permanent employment. Considering the miserable condition of her father, Resma refused to go to her father for this purpose.

As a result, she was often beaten by her husband.  When Resma’s father came to know about this, he went to the Rahim's parents and asked them to solve this. But this backfired.  Rahim threw out Resma out of the house. Resma's father requested Rahim several times but Rahim remain persistent on his decision. Finding no other alternative, Mansur Ali Gazi filed a case against Rahim in the court. The court sentenced 2 years imprisonment to Rahim for it. Uttaran provided all the necessary legal aid support to Resma Khatun through its legal aid project with Misereor Germany.


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