Training Delivery to Local NGO’s On Land Services

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Uttaran ( is a local organisation (Bangladesh) working with vulnerable landowners i.e. women, widow, indigenous, minority and landless people to promote access to land. Uttaran is implementing a project titled, Sustainable Access to Land Equality-SALE' with support of European Union. Uttaran partners are taking the main responsibility of the public awareness of vulnerable land owners, capacity support to make the vulnerable land owners sensitive land administration, to pilot transparent state land identification, landless people selection and khasland settlement to landless people.

During 7-8 January 2017, Uttaran organised a training on `land services delivery' to 27 staff of local NGOs particularly on survey and settlement. Three local organisations i.e. Tarango Mohila Kallayan Songstha, Khalifa Foundation and Rajshahi Social Development Programme (RSDP) along with Uttaran field staff participated the training at Krishbid Institute of Bangladesh- KIB, Khamarbari, Dhaka. The participants learned about the survey and settlement project including digital process.

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