Workshop on Public Awareness activities



Uttaran under the consortium project, Sustainable Access to Land Equality-SALE is working for raising public awareness among the target groups i.e. vulnerable, minority, women, indigenous and poor landowners. Uttaran designed and developed number of communication materials like flipchart, village note, leaflet, folk song, posters, festoons (banner) etc. with technical support of  Department of Land Record and Survey (DLRS), Project Technical Assistance Team (PTAT), CARE and MJF in order to foster the public awareness activities.

The objective of this workshop was to develop the capacity of field staff in community facilitation using different materials and tools. Two days long training workshop was organised during 18-19 April, 2015 at MJF conference hall with sessions i.e. how to use flipchart at courtyard meeting, how to conduct focus group discussion-FGD, how to prepare village note and what is the benefit of orthophoto use. Field level staff of Uttaran were participated in the workshop. Ms. Rashida Risna, Communication and Documentation Officer of SALE project has opened the workshop with the introduction with each other. Ms. Rawshan Rahman, Technical Coordinator & Knowledge Management of SALE project has facilitated the session on `how to use flipchart'. Along with that Mr. Mamun Ur Rashid, Project Coordinator, SALE, and Mr. Passi Rajendar, Capacity Building Advisor of PTAT were facilitated the session for identifying last year challenges and learning particularly on different public awareness tools.

Additionally, Mr. Shamsul Alam, Joint Secretary (DLRS) and National Project Director and Mr. Markus Hakalin were facilitated another two sessions in the workshop.

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